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Our Business

Hispanic Interactive Networks, Inc. ("HIN") offers a package of interrelated "social" websites focused on the shared and regionally sensitive cultural interests of the online Hispanic community.  Currently, over 90 million Spanish speakers are connected to the internet1, a 50% increase over the last two years, and the number is expected to grow faster than any other group over the next five years2.  Despite this large and growing market, relatively few websites are currently designed to specifically target the Hispanic population.  HIN’s goal is to target this market by developing the best online interactive content for Hispanic consumers and to become a premier online destination for Hispanics connected to the internet.

The design and feel of all the HIN websites appeal directly to Hispanic tastes and interests, and have been consistently praised by our users (new and old) as being the best of their kind on the internet.

Visit our sites and see why we are pioneers in the Hispanic online industry.

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2Jupiter Communications 2006 Hispanic online industry.
In the News

"After four years of being in business, MejorAmor.com boasts a database that now surpasses a million members.  This may not be a statistic that alarms the giants for the English matchmaking industry, but it does emphasize the fact that their users are very active Spanish-speakers, and that their services are disbursed throughout the world.  An initial glance at the site is enough to encourage anyone to register, whether they are looking for a partner, or simply want to correspond with someone in another part of the world.

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