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Hispanic Interactive Networks, Inc. services are robust, highly scaleable, and efficient platforms that have been praised by our users as being the best of their kind on the Internet.  Through experience and user feedback, our service offerings and proprietary tools have continued to evolve into greater value for our customer base and advertising partners.  Recently, we successfully integrated new features and product enhancements to encourage social networking, viral marketing, and additional targeted advertising opportunities for our sponsors.

It is our goal to make the family of Hispanic Interactive Networks, Inc. services the premiere online destination for Hispanics and Spanish- speakers by continuing to build on our present infrastructure by creating new websites.  Our current services include:

  1. MejorAmor.com the first online subscription-based, matchmaking service focused solely on domestic and international Spanish-speaking singles serious about finding love.  Since its inception MejorAmor.com has established itself as a one of the preeminent services in the industry with over 1.2 million registered users.

  2. revistaPULSO.com the first Hispanic-focused virtual magazine providing information and advice about relationships, dating, and love.  Within its first four months, revistaPULSO.com registered more than 30,000 subscribers to its monthy newsletter and the list of subscribers continues to grow month over month.

  3. VivaPostal.com the first Hispanic-oriented electronic greeting card website to offer four distinct multiple card themes, enabling our site to appeal to a wide variety of interest and age groups.  After only eight months of existence, over 228,000 e-cards from 101,000 unique users were sent utilizing VivaPostal.com and 81,000 users subscribed to the VivaPostal.com monthly newsletter.

  4. SiempreGente.com is an ultra-hip Hispanic social networking site allowing Hispanics all over the world to get and stay connected. Since it's launch in Q1 2007 it has become a popular destination for worldwide Hispanics and has been praised by its users as their social networking service of choice.

  5. SiempreMusica.com is the music section of SiempreGente.com. Currently in beta format, it highlights the SiempreGente Artists allowing users to see the artists' profiles as well as listen to and share their music. SiempreMusica provides a music player allowing users to virally spread the word about the artists' music.

Have an idea for a valuable web service for the Hispanic community?  Visit our Alliances section to contact our Business Development department.
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