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Launched in October 2005, VivaPostal.com is Hispanic Interactive Networks, Inc.’s innovative and unique Spanish e-card website. Currently, the site includes four exclusive themes with well-defined structure and design.  Our users are able to enjoy—completely free of charge—the different e-cards included in each of the following categories:

  • Colecciones:  For those visitors who prefer a serious and sophisticated style of greeting, VivaPostal.com offers Colecciones.  The Colecciones graphics and music offer a series of inspirational cards whose class and style stir emotions and fill the heart with warmth.

  • Realidades:  The life-like animation of the Realidades characters allow them to take ordinary life experiences and turn them into endearing messages of love and affection that capture the hearts of contemporary adults.

  • Blanco y Negro:  This completely original design exclusive to VivaPostal.com will make you laugh to no end and fall in love with its stylistic black-and-white theme.  The series features the whimsical characters Inky and Dotsy whose endearing antics will brighten anyone’s day.

  • Punkis:  Youthful in design and style, the four characters of this series enliven their messages with a special touch of sentiment and humor.  The adventures of the mischievous and witty Punkis have no limit. The word “monotony” does not exist in their world!

At VivaPostal.com new cards are added each week and VivaPostal staff is currently working on the creation of entirely new and innovative themes which will be available for users to enjoy soon.

Currently, the VivaPostal.com website is provided exclusively in Spanish; however, in order to cater to the growing bilingual and English dominant Hispanic online population, it will soon be available in English as well.

The following are just a small sample of the thousands of positive comments we receive every month from our VivaPostal.com users.

I used the VivaPostal.com site during the holidays.  I loved the size of the e-card illustrations and the heartfelt message.  Both my English and Spanish-speaking friends were impressed.  I really felt that the look of the cards and the messages conveyed, far surpass any other site I found online.

- Maria Consuelo Moran:  Sacramento, CA, USA
Congratulations, you guys are real stars and your e-card greetings are magnificent.  Keep up the good work. Every person who has received one of your cards from me has absolutely loved it! Thanks VivaPostal.com, I wish you continued good luck with your beautiful work.

-Fernando Olivares:  New York, USA
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